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Upon venturing down the route of woodworking, It's very easy to get caught up with all the tools and accessories available to you. Often making it confusing while choosing what tools you actually need. This section will help you make those decisions and develop your knowledge of the applications and terminology used when referring to these tools.

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At this point, you know how to sharpen and setup a plane. You're getting beautiful shavings flying out the mouth. This lesson will help you learn what to get next.

Matt Estlea

What Planes Do You Need?

You will learn:

- The difference between bench planes

- What joinery planes are essential

- What specialist planes are essential

- What planes are best suited to you


If you've ever tried to purchase a chisel online or in a reputable tool store, you may be overwhelmed with the choices available. In this lesson, I simplify all that noise!

Matt Estlea

What Chisels Do You Need? 

You will learn:

- The different styles of chisel

- The uses of various chisels

- What to look for when buying a chisel

- What to avoid when buying a chisel

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There are many different sizes of saw as well as tooth patterns available. Firstly, what is the difference? Secondly, which is best for you? In this lesson, I will help you decide.

Matt Estlea

What Saws Do You Need?

You will learn:

- The different saw sizes

- Rip tooth vs. Crosscut

- Which saws are the most versatile

- Which saw is best for you

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While we are on the subject of tools, I thought I would share my personal favourite hand tools. By the way, these recommendations are suited to a range of budgets.

Matt Estlea

My Favourite Hand Tools

You will learn:

- What I personally use day to day

- Why I have chosen these tools

- Why they will benefit you

- Where to purchase the tools


If you're stuck between two different brands, particularly premium brands. My Tool Duel series may help you find the answers you're looking for.

Matt Estlea

Choosing The Right Brand

You will learn:

- What to look for when buying tools

- Common problems with tools

- Which brands are best

- Which brand will be best for you


The Collins Complete Woodworkers Manual helped me tremendously when beginning woodworking and I've been recommending it to my viewers for two years now. I'm yet to hear a bad review from them.

- #1 Bestseller: Carpentry and Woodwork

- Hardcover: 352 Pages

- 121 Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars

- Perfect for any Woodworker

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