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Want to follow exactly what I'm doing?

Optional plans are available to those who don't want to draw their own design and instead replicate my processes and measurements exactly. For more info, read about the online school.

One of the foundations of accurate joinery is using sharp tools. In this section, you will learn how to get a razor sharp edge on the end of a chisel.

Matt Estlea

How To Sharpen a Chisel

You will learn:

- How to grind a primary bevel

- How to sharpen a secondary bevel

- How to lap a blade

- How to maintain an edge

What many people don't realise is that sharpening a plane blade is slightly different to sharpening a chisel. In this lesson, I will explain how and why.

Matt Estlea

How To Sharpen a Plane

You will learn:

- How to grind a primary bevel

- How sharpen a camber

- Why we sharpen a camber

- When not to sharpen a camber

Now that your blade is sharp, it's time to get it setup in the plane body. Without the right knowledge, this can be a tricky process. But this section will change that.

Matt Estlea

How To Setup a Plane

You will learn:

- How to attach the chip breaker

- How to get the blade square

- How to adjust the depth of cut

- How to avoid common mistakes

An essential skill for hand cut joinery. This lesson will teach you how to accurately start a cut, follow a line, and cut straight and square. Don't miss this one!

Matt Estlea

Sawing Techniques

You will learn:

- How to start a cut

- How to follow a line

- How to cut straight and square

- Body positioning and movement

This is a skill that a lot of people don't even consider improving. Yet there are so many things that can make your chiselling more accurate, cleaner, and just easier in general!

Matt Estlea

Chiselling Techniques

You will learn:

- How to hold the chisel

- Where to position your body

- How to make your chisel more effective

- How to avoid common injuries

This is an essential skill in the following lessons, especially when it comes to learning how to flatten, square and thickness timber. Get these skills under your belt!

Matt Estlea

Planing Techniques

You will learn:

- How to hold a plane

- Positioning the plane

- When to skew the plane

- Pressure and body movement

Another uncoventional skill that a lot of people don't consider improving. But think about it. It doesn't matter how accurate your chiselling is if your marking out is bad!

Matt Estlea

Marking Gauge Techniques

You will learn:

- Marking Gauge vs. Cutting Gauge

- Progressive cuts

- Angling and positioning the gauge

- Should you remove gauge lines?


The Collins Complete Woodworkers Manual helped me tremendously when beginning woodworking and I've been recommending it to my viewers for two years now. I'm yet to hear a bad review from them.

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