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Yes, you read that correctly.

Welcome to my free online woodworking school! It's great to have you here. In this school I'll be teaching you how to make stunning projects ranging from a simple dovetailed box, to a beautiful curved front table and beyond.


We will start from the absolute basics from tool sharpening, to setup, to use. We'll cover material theory, preparation and application using both hand tool and machine based methods. And of course I'll be showing you how to accurately layout, cut, and fit joints for maximum strength with zero gaps.


You're going to learn a lot while you're here and I'm excited to be able to offer this to you!

If you would like to know why I am offering this course for free or you would like to support what we are doing, please read this short article. But for now, lets get learning!

Please note:

To create a clear structure of learning that is easy to follow, many of the lessons in the following pages include my old videos. These still share all the information needed, but they are severely outdated in regards to presentation, quality and consistency. These will be updated over the coming months to bring everything up to date so be sure to sign up to my newsletter to hear of these updates. Thank you for your patience!



We're going to jump straight into it and get your hands dirty. In this section, you will learn:

- How to Sharpen a Chisel

- How to Sharpen a Plane

- How to Setup a Plane

- Sawing Techniques

- Chiselling Techniques

- Planing Techniques

- Marking Gauge Techniques

Start here and lets start replacing those bad habits with good ones!


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In this lesson, you're going to learn the fundamental skill of preparing material both by hand and machine. You will learn:
- How to Plane Wood Flat

- How to Square an Edge

- How to Thickness Timber

- How to Square Endgrain

- How to Prevent Tearout

- Setting up and using Machinery

The days of bent, twisted timber are long gone!



School Header-3.jpg



Right, so you got your hands dirty. Now lets fill in some knowledge gaps and talk about the tools you have been using. In this section, you will learn:

- What Planes do you need?
- What Chisels do you need?

- What Saws do you need?

- Which tools are best?

If you're unsure of what tools you need, this section will benefit you!


School Header-4.jpg



Now that your tools are sharp, your material is prepared, and your brain is loaded, lets get cutting some joints. In this section, you will learn how to:

- Cut a Lap Joint

- Cut a Cross Halving Joint

- Cut a Dovetail Joint

These are the essentials we will begin with. I will teach you more later on.

School Header-7.jpg



Before getting into any projects, its very important to have a basic understanding of the material you are actually using. In this section, you will learn about:

- Wood species

- Cutting / Converting timber

- Wood movement

- Sustainability

I know it seems boring, but learning this section will open you eyes to things that other people don't notice.



In this beginner project, you will learn how to make a simple dovetailed box. I will demonstrate:

- Dovetailing

- Assembling and Gluing

- Edge Jointing

- Rebating / Rabbeting

- Mitring

- Sanding and Finishing


This project is a great introduction to the world of woodworking and is an essential skill to future projects.

School Header-5.jpg



Now that you have learnt the basics and applied them to a project, it's time to start practising more difficult joints. You will learn how to: 

- Cut a Bridle Joint

- Cut a Mortice and Tenon Joint

- Cut a Lapped Dovetail Joint

Being able to produce these joints accurately is essential to completing the upcoming projects.



In this project, you will learn how to make a cabinet with a traditionally fitted door and drawer. I will demonstrate:

- Lapped Dovetails

- Cutting Grooves / Dados

- Frame and Panel Doors

- Hinging a Door

- Constructing a Drawer

- Fitting a Drawer

This is a big step up from the box project, but the skills learnt are invaluable.

School Header-6.jpg



You have learnt the basic and intermediate joints and now it's time to move onto even more challenging stuff. You will learn how to:

- Cut a Mitred Dovetail Joint

- Cut an Angled Dovetail Joint

Being able to produce these joints accurately is essential to completing the upcoming projects.



In this project, we will make a tool box to house your Jack Planes, Saws and Chisels etc. I will demonstrate:

- Mitred Dovetails

- Separating a Lid

- Hinging a Box

- Tounge and Grooves

- Piston fitted trays

Of course this project isn't limited to storing tools, you can use it for anything!



In this project, you will learn how to make a beautiful curved front table including mortise and tenons and angled dovetailed drawers. I will demonstrate:

- Mortice and Tenons

- Tapering Legs

- Constructional Dovetails

- Angled Dovetails

- Lipping, Veneering and Crossbanding.

This is my favourite project to teach and I can't wait to take you along with me.


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