Roubo Workbench Plans


This package includes everything you need to build your own Roubo Workbench!


Upon purchase, you will get instant access to:

  • Working Drawings
  • Contruction Notes
  • SketchUp 3d Model


Please note that these are not step by step instructions, however it's very simple to use these resources to design a workbench to suit your own requirements. The plans are available in Metric Only although the SketchUp file can be converted into imperial measurements if needed.


Things to note before purchase

- This download does not include step-by-step instruction. Therefore if you are not a confident craftsperson, I would advise against purchasing these plans. If you want an insight into how the bench is made, or want general guidance while making it, watch my 9 part YouTube series on my YouTube channel here:


- The components are heavy. Consider getting assistance where needed. Don't injure yourself


- Machinery is a must. Unless you're an absolute nutjob, I would advise to not try this project by hand. The laminates require very accurate thicknessing for the through tenons. Also, the tail vice cavity involves a lot of material removal!

- It costs alot. There is a lot of material in this workbench. Consider getting a quote from sawmills before committing. I chose Ash for mine but Beech is also a very good option. The hardware I used is from Benchcrafted. Again, very costly but well worth it. I chose the Glide C Leg Vice, The Criss Cross Retro, and the Wagon Vice.


- Its massive. The overall length of the workbench is 2m and the depth is 790mm. Measure your space before committing to buying the plans.


- The plans are metric. Sorry Americans, I just don't understand your system.


- I am not responsible for your mistakes. By purchasing these plans, you are agreeing that I am not held liable for any mistakes caused, measure twice, cut once. I also cannot help with sourcing timber, hardware or fixings.


- The plans are non refundable. As this is a downloadable document, I cannot offer refunds on this item. If you have a serious issue with the plans or if you spot a mistake, message me via my contact page.


- Send me the finished result!

Once you have completed your Roubo Workbench, please send me a picture so I can share your incredible work with everyone!

  • Refunds

    This download is non-refundable due to the nature of digital purchases.

  • Metric Only

    The plans are only available in metric.

  • SketchUp

    The SketchUp file will open in all versions of SketchUp, including the browser version. If you have any problems, please contact SketchUp Support directly.


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