Material Prep

Whether you have access to an array of machines or you are working with a couple of hand tools, there is something to learn from this section. Material prep is one of the foundations of successful furniture making. Without nailing this skill, small errors made in the early stages of your projects will haunt you to the very end.

Take the time and get it right!

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This isn't just a lesson on how to cut a piece of wood in half. We'll also be talking grain patterns and orientation to give you the benefit of stability and aesthetics.

Matt Estlea

Cutting and Orienting Timber

You will learn:

- How to read face grain patterns

- How to read end grain patterns

- How to work around defects

- How to mark the timber

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A massively important skill when hand planing, especially in the upcoming projects. This takes a lot of patience, but you need to get it right.

Matt Estlea

Flattening and Squaring Faces

You will learn:

- How to remove cups, bows and twists

- How to check a face for flatness

- How to square an edge

- How to check an edge for squareness

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Get stretching those muscles because this  lesson is going to take some elbow grease. Thicknessing timber by hand is no mean feat!

Matt Estlea

Thicknessing Timber

You will learn:

- How to adapt your plane for thicknessing

- How to mark out a thickness line

- How to efficiently remove timber

- How to check for accurate thickness

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If your material is too small for a project, you may need to glue multiple pieces together. This video will explain how to do that as well as clean everything up afterwards.

Matt Estlea

Gluing Boards and Planing

You will learn:

- Orienting grain patterns for stability

- Gluing panels together

- Re-flattening surfaces

- Checking and adjusting overall flatness

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Endgrain is hard as nails and incredibly difficult to produce a shaving on. However, there is a simple workshop jig that will make this process so much easier.

Matt Estlea

Planing and Squaring Endgrain

You will learn:

- How to plane endgrain

- How to make a simple shooting board

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Tearout happens when you plane against reversing grain and a patch of wood literally tears out. This leaves an unsightly rough patch behind. However, it is easy to avoid.

Matt Estlea

Reducing Tearout

You will learn:

- How to reduce tearout

- Different plane types

- Different blade angles

- Effective pitch

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This is a bonus tip that will save many of you later on. Occasionally, the tips I previously shared on reducing tearout still do not work. A cabinet scraper is your way out.

Matt Estlea

Sharpening a Cabinet Scraper

You will learn:

- What a cabinet scraper does

- How to prepare a cabinet scraper

- How to sharpen a cabinet scraper

- How to use a cabinet scraper


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