Theory #2


The difference between these two types of wood is not necessarily down to the hardness, but something that we observe every year depending on the seasons.

Matt Estlea

Hardwoods and Softwoods

You will learn:

- Hardwoods vs. Softwoods

- Properties of common hardwoods

- Properties of common hardwoods

- Where to use certain woods

Next we will look at the various species of wood available. What are their characteristics? Where do they come from? What is unique about them?

Matt Estlea


You will learn:

- Common species of timber

- Characteristics of timber

- Identifying species

- Working with different species

This section focuses on the different cuts of timber available as well as their properties. This is a massively overlooked part of timber selection at the start of a project.

Matt Estlea

Converting Timber

You will learn:

- The cuts of timber available

- Advantages of different cuts

- Disadvantages of different cuts

- Instances to use certain cuts.

This section wouldn't be complete without a mention of sustainability. This section is simply made to educate as opposed to persuade or change ones preferences.

Matt Estlea


You will learn:

- How to start a cut

- How to follow a line

- How to cut straight and square

- Body positioning and movement


The Collins Complete Woodworkers Manual helped me tremendously when beginning woodworking and I've been recommending it to my viewers for two years now. I'm yet to hear a bad review from them.

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